Main Sight Nearby - Takht-House Dilijan


Dilijan has a rich historical and cultural heritage. This is a land of natural contrasts, an ideal place for holidays, suitable for all ages. Traveling alone, with a loved one, with family or friends, everyone can find here what he is looking for. The landscape of Dilijan is very diversed: chains of wild mountains and lush green hills, fertile valleys and picturesque gorges, pine forests, crystal clear water and mineral springs. Coming out of the mansion, you can go to the mineral spring Ttu-Jur (40 minutes walk) viewing along the way the ruins of an ancient chapel Puchur Dili (it’s a place of worship of local people, often not described in the tourist guides), take a walk to the famous pine forest (drunken forest)(20 minutes walk) or climb up the small Mount Maymeh and large Maymeh(5-6 hours; special skills are not required). The route passes through nomad of Heydax, where you can get acquainted with lifestyle of herders, living in mud huts of summer shielings. Within 200 meters from the house there is a picturesque forest, where you can collect mushrooms, berries and enjoy the silence of nature. Untouchable wildness of nature is amazingly beautiful especially in winter, thanks to the snow-covered mountains and endless pine forests, sparkling like jewels under the blue sky in the rays of the winter sun. In winter you can ski or ride on a sled at a downhill of the forest (10 minutes walk from the house).
View of Dilijan from Geli Urta
View of Dilijan from Cak Kar
View of Parz Lich
View of valley from Geli Urta
View from 2600m.
Entrance to the cave “Cak Kar”
View of Dilijan
The natural source "Ttu Jur"
Alley of lovers
A small lake in the forest
Trying the delicious food prepared by locals you will fully enjoy all the charm of Armenian cuisine and an incomparable taste of homemade food. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are optional. All the vegetables used in the dishes are grown by local farmers, and the bread is baked in the traditional wood-burning stoves. A distinctive feature of all the dishes is a high ecology. This land is so generous and fertile that almost no artificial fertilizers are used, and what is genetically modified food - the local population has no idea. Cheese, fruit, fresh meat, fresh greens, eggs and milk are invariable attributes of the Armenian cuisine. You can enjoy all these, setting the table for 25 persons in the living-dining room, on the patio or at the open area next to the pond.
Weather in Dilijan sometimes is very capricious and fickle, which is not surprising, as it is a cradle of clouds. Often you can observe a fascinating spectacle, like right before your eyes clouds are born then grow, crawling out of a nearby mountain. In summer, you can hide from the sun or a refreshing rain taking a walk to the downtown of Dilijan (10 minutes from the house), where you can find many parks, restaurants, and museums. In the Art Gallery you can enjoy the works of famous artists like Saryan, Garzu, Shishkin etc.( It is 600 m away from the mansion). You can also visit the Museum of Craft, where the anciaent carpets, wood engravings and other works of falk crafts dated the end of 19th – beginning of 20th century are presented. This area will be especially interesting for history lovers and connoisseurs of natural beauty as around the town you can enjoy the ancient historical monuments and pristine beauty of the local lakes.
This area will be especially interesting for history lovers and connoisseurs of natural beauty as around the town you can enjoy the ancient historical monuments and pristine beauty of the local lakes.

Lake Parz(Parzlich)

The Lake Parz is situated in the northern part of the town at a height of 1400meters. It has 2hectares area and 8 meters mean depth. It is 10 km away from the mansion.

Haghartsin monastery

One of the Armenia's most ancient monasteries built in 13 century, Haghartsin is situated in lush forested mountains. The monastery was recently reconstructed and has a resident priest who sometimes conduct tours. There is couple of seperate churches, a large gavit, a huge dining hall, khachkars (cross-stones) and a massive hollow tree. Slightly sweet bread is often being baked in an old oven. It is 10 km away from the mansion.

Goshavank Monastery

Goshavank monastery is surrounded by a traditional village, and has a groundskeeper who opens the main church building up for visitors, and can give a tour. This is the one church in all of Armenia where entrance to one of the chambers is not free. The chamber is nice, but you can certainly enjoy the rest of the complex without it, especially since it may not be offered in English. There are excellent carved details and khachkars here, but the "lacework" khachkar at Goshavank is one of the most impressive in the world. It is 20 km away from the mansion.

Jukhtak Vank Monastery

A nice little 12th century monastery just on the edge of Dilijan, a short 10 minute hike from the Dilijan Mineral Water plant. Huge iron bands hold one of the two churches together, preventing its It has two separate churches, Surp Astvatsatsin and Surp Grigor with their surrounding cemeteries. It is 2 km away from the mansion.

Lake Sevan

It is one of the largest fresh-water high-altitude lakes in the world.It is away from the mansion by 30km.
We develop tour itineraries, upon request, trying to cover all the corners of this magnificent region and all other regions of Armenia, as well. This house could be a starting point for exploring the best sights of Armenia.